Stored procedures and its dependent objects

>>Script Language and Platform: MS SQL Server 7.0/2000
This simple select statement could present you

(1) All the user defined stored procedures in the current database

(2) Stored procedure’s dependencies; stored procedure’s related objects (tables, views)

(3) Actions on the tables or view when executing the stored procedure – Select, Insert, Update and Delete

Author: Claire Hsu

–ProcName indicates the stored procedure nane
–TableOrView presents the stored procedrues relate objects
–The following are the action from stored procedure’s perspective
‘select’ = case WHEN c.text like ‘%select %’ THEN ‘Select’ ELSE ” END,
‘Update’ = case WHEN c.text like ‘%update %’ THEN ‘Update’ ELSE ” END,
‘Delete’ = case WHEN c.text like ‘%delete %’ THEN ‘Delete’ ELSE ” END,
‘Insert’ = case WHEN c.TEXT LIKE ‘%Insert %’ THEN ‘Insert’ ELSE ” END FROM
Sysdepends a INNER JOIN Sysobjects b ON a.ID = b.ID
INNER JOIN Syscomments c
ON a.ID = c.ID
WHERE b.Status > 0

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