Table Compare

SQL Server 2000

This sp can compare two tables with the same structure.

Parameter Description:
1. @TableA: Name of first table
2. @TableB: Name of second table
3. @ExcludeFields: Comma delimited list of column names that are insignificant in the table comparison for example audit fields, notes fields, etc.
4. @JoinFields: Comma delimited list of column names that would be used to join the two tables.
5. @CompType:
1 = Records that exist in A but not in B
2 = Records that exist in B but not in A
3 = Records that exist in both A and B but one or more columns compared have different values
4 = Records that exist in both A and B but all columns compared have same value
0 = (Default)Do all 4 comparisons
6. @debug: Set this parameter to 1 to see intermediate results

To see it work create this stored procedure in pubs database. Then create a duplicate of Titles table and call it Titles2. Add, delete and modify some records in the Titles2 table then compare the two tables using sp_compare as follows.

exec sp_Compare ”Titles”,”Titles2”,”Notes,PubDate”,”Title_Id”, 0

Author: Subhan P. Munshi

Download Script:

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