Three Administrative Scripts

Here’s a package of three useful administrative scripts, one of which is the “Terminate All User Processes” listed below. Here’s a brief description of the other two scripts:

uspSetSingleUser (as follows from its name) sets a database in single user /dbo only mode. It utilizes uspKillAllProcesses and can be used for restore database automation.

uspShrinkDbLog7 will replace the transaction log for a given SQL Server 7 database with a new one. Can be a good alternative to DBCC SHRINKFILE in a situation when the transaction log is unintentionally overgrown; for example, as a result of numerous backup log operation failures. It should also work — but does not make much sense — with SQL Server 2000.

The scripts are conveniently located in a database called DBAservice. Tested in SQL Server 7, the scripts should also work with SQL Server 2000.

Author: Yul Wasserman

Download Script:

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