Three General Purpose Database Scripts

Here are three general purpose scripts for degragmenting and speeding up large databases. You can schedule the SPs for periodic execution, but they should be run in absence of user activity on the database (might slow down users otherwise). The SPs were tested against SQL Server 7.0 but should also work on SQL Server 6.5 and 2000.

The scripts are as follows:

exec sp_CheckIdent — checks identity colulmns for all user tables


exec sp_AdminReindexTables — reindexes all user tables


exec sp_AdminRecompileStoredProc — recompiles all SPs


The script has been updated as of 1/7/02 with corrections and user input added to the comments text. The corrections address scenarios when table names might have spaces or weird symbols in them.

Author: Alexei Akimov

Download Script:

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