UDF to round minutes to quarter hour

>>Script Language and Platform: SQL Server 2000 User-Defined Functions
At our consulting firm, we record time in minutes, and we round those minutes up to the next quarter hour; for reporting purposes, we bill according to hours used. This function requires an input of minutes used, and will return the results rounded to the next quarter hour (e.g.):

SELECT dbo.udfRoundQtRHr(61) returns 1.25
SELECT dbo.udfRoundQtRHr(59) returns 1.00

Author: Stuart R Ainsworth


CREATE FUNCTION udfRoundQtrHr (@Minutes as numeric(10,6))
RETURNS numeric(6,2) AS

DECLARE @Output int
DECLARE @ModOutput numeric(10,6)

SET @Output = CEILING(@Minutes) — raises the value of the minutes
to the next whole minute

SET @ModOutput = @Output % 60
SET @ModOutput = CASE WHEN @ModOutput BETWEEN 1 AND 15 THEN 0.25
WHEN @ModOutput BETWEEN 16 AND 30 THEN 0.50
WHEN @ModOutput BETWEEN 31 AND 45 THEN 0.75
WHEN @ModOutput BETWEEN 46 AND 59 THEN 1.00

RETURN(@Output/60 + @ModOutput)


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