Good for: rebuilding indexes without using DBCC DBREINDEX; avoiding a bug (SP3) in which DBCC “forgets” OrigFillFactor and rebuilds huge, bloated indexes.

What it does: for a given table, the proc finds all the (nonclustered) indexes, generates the appropriate statements to drop and rebuild the indexes (i.e., DROP/CREATE INDEX or ALTER TABLE DROP/ADD CONSTRAINT), and then executes the statements.

Notes: 1) the proc does not look at nonclustered indexes, nor does it take into account foreign-key relationships. You will still need to drop any foreign-key relationship before rebuilding an index that is part of a foreign-key relationship. Someday I will get around to adding code to handle these cases automatically <g> 2) I have commented out the actual EXEC statements and have added code to PRINT the DROP/CREATE statements so you can have a look at them before turning this thing loose on your database; when you are ready, just uncomment the EXEC @DropStatement and EXEC @CreateStatement lines.

In my (production) version of this proc I have also added some code that looks at the ratio of index size to data size, and then reindexes (or not) based on that result. Since I am using this proc to manage indexes on about 60 remote boxes, this “set it and forget it” feature works out very well for me. Since this decision-making may not be useful for everyone I have not included that code in this version. If you would like to see that version, or if you have any suggestions, please write me.

For SQL Server 6.5

Author: Karen Collins

Download Script:

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