Which DML’s are running? How much Rollback?

>>Script Language and Platform: Oracle
Each transaction will be put in the v$transaction table. This query will give you which rollback segment they are using and how much. It will also show how much temp space they are using. If the column STATUS shows up “ACT” the statement is currently running, if it shows up “INA” then the statment has stopped and it has not committed or rolled back.

Author: Shawn Ellinger

column userid format 9999 Heading SID
column st format a14 heading “Start Time”
column ts format a8 heading ” Tran| Status”
column ss format a3 Just Right heading “Sess|Stat”
column rbs format a10 just left
column blocks format 999999
column used_urec format 999999 heading “Undo|Records”
column used_ublk format 999999 heading “Undo|Blocks”
column extents format 999 heading “RBS|EXT”
column pct format 999
column sze format 999 heading “TEMP|(M)”

set numw 8
set feedback on

select s.sid userid,
substr(t.start_time,1,14) st,
substr(s.status,1,3) ss,
rb.segment_name RBS,
trunc(blocks*8192/1024/1024) sze
from v$sort_usage su,
v$rollstat rs,
sys.dba_rollback_segs rb,
v$session s,
v$transaction t
where t.ses_addr = s.saddr
and t.xidusn = rb.segment_id
and t.xidusn = rs.usn
and s.SADDR=su.session_addr(+)
order by to_date(t.start_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’)

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