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Oracle 11.2 Outer Join And Index Issue 04/10/2014

With a product as complex as Oracle some bugs are bound to be present. Some of these bugs are show-stoppers, and others aren't, but it does teach you to pay careful attention to the results a query delivers. Even though queries are syntactically and logically correct you can't be certain that Oracle won't do something 'behind the scenes' that can produce the wrong answer.

An RMAN Catalog: Right or Wrong? 03/31/2014

Do you really need an RMAN catalog to successfully recover your Oracle database? There are those that think so -- but they would be wrong. Read on to find out what you need to recover your database without a catalog.

Oracle Parallel Processing: 'New' and Improved 03/13/2014

In Release 11.2, Oracle has provided three improvements to earlier attempts at controlling parallel execution. These improvements make this feature more manageable, more scalable, and less likely to saturate server resources, such as memory and CPU, than earlier releases of the database. David Fitzjarrell discusses the first of those improvements, parallel statement queuing.

Oracle: The Near-by Standby 02/24/2014

For many of us, setting up an Oracle standby database has become fairly old hat. Just remember, keep everything on the standby server exactly the same as the primary, and everything will go fine. But what if you want your standby on the same server as the primary database? And why on earth would you want to do that anyway? Isn’t the point Disaster Recovery?

Oracle 11g and Index Access 02/10/2014

New index access paths in Oracle 11g and later releases can use existing multi-column indexes even when the column you're looking for isn't the leading column. Read on to see how Oracle accomplishes this feat.

Oracle 11g: RMAN Cloning 01/27/2014

Using RMAN to clone a database is old hat to a lot of folks. But for some, it can be a daunting task. Here's a refresher on cloning using RMAN.

Using Collections In Oracle 01/09/2014

Collections can be a real timesaver for bulk processing of data; they may not be applicable in every situation but when the conditions are right they can make your job so much easier.

Oracle Tablespace File Management Made Simple 12/30/2013

Autoextensible files have been around for quite awhile. Why do people shy away from them? Learn how to effectively allocate space and monitor your Oracle tablespaces by taking advantage of autoextensible files.

Oracle Exadata: DMA or DBA 12/09/2013

A new role has emerged relative to Oracle Exadata, that of the Database Machine Administrator, or DMA. Read on to learn what being a DMA really means.

Compression and Advanced Compression in Oracle 11.2 11/11/2013

Compression can be an excellent tool to save database storage, but you need to be aware that the compression levels can change for updated tables when running Exadata and using any of the Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) compression types. Read on to learn more.

Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Partitioned Tables 10/28/2013

Partitioned tables continue to be used in many systems as performance enhancing options on large tables, and with the new features that have been added, Oracle Database 12c has taken some interesting steps to make managing them more effective and efficient.

Are You Better at Enforcing Referential Integrity than Oracle? 10/10/2013

Occasionally a developer believes he or she is better at enforcing referential integrity than the database. Unfortunately referential integrity isn't transactional, so these attempts fail. Read on to see how the situation can be improved by using the built-in features of Oracle.

Oracle Database 12c: New Privilege Management Features 09/23/2013

With the much-anticipated release of the 12c Database, Oracle has added many new features. Of particular interest in the user security realm are the new features around database privilege management. Read on to learn more.

Oracle Exadata Basics 09/09/2013

Since its introduction in September, 2008, Exadata has fast become both a familiar term and a familiar sight in the IT/database realm. The system has undergone several changes in its short history, from storage solution to complete database appliance.

Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Command Line Interface Part 3 – Credential Management Commands 08/12/2013

Many of the activities that DBAs do through the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12 Cloud Control GUI interface can also be accomplished via the Command Line Interface (EM CLI). Read on to learn more about the commands used for managing credentials for Cloud Control.

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