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Storing Numbers As Strings In An Oracle Database 11/21/2016

It’s interesting to note that sometimes VARCHAR2 fields are used to store numbers.  Read on to see why this isn’t the best practice and how to get around the sorting issue if you can’t change the table.

Little-Known Exceptions in  Oracle’s PL/SQL 11/14/2016

It’s interesting to note that sometimes VARCHAR2 fields are used to store numbers.  Read on to see why this isn’t the best practice and how to get around the sorting issue if you can’t change the table.

Oracle 12c In-memory Column Store Has An Unexpected Surprise 10/31/2016

Oracle’s in-memory column store in 12.1 can provide better performance for large data sets.  Read on to see the added ‘bonus’ it can provide.

A New Way To Pattern Match In Oracle 12c 10/13/2016

Oracle 12c offers a new way to match patterns in your data, the MATCH_RECOGNIZE function.  Read on to see the syntax and the function in action.

Hybrid Histograms in Oracle 12c 09/26/2016

The right statistics and histograms can provide improved performance for queries and reports.  Read on to find out about Oracle’s new Hybrid histogram.

The Oracle Bug That Could Bite You Has No Teeth 09/12/2016

In a previous article Oracle declared bug 24390197 shouldn’t be; it’s the normal behavior for locally managed tablespaces with system-managed extents. Read on to see the details.

This Oracle Bug Could Bite You 08/29/2016

In Oracle creating a table may fail even though space is available.  Read on to see the conditions that can make this happen.

Index Sanity in Oracle 08/11/2016

Careful testing and planning are crucial when deciding if an index is truly ‘unused’.  Read on to see what could happen if testing isn’t thorough.

Is Your Oracle Invisible Index REALLY Invisible? 07/25/2016

If you’re using invisible indexes, they may not be entirely ‘invisible’ to the optimizer. Read on to see why.

Returning The Actual DOP When Using Oracle’s Auto Degree Of Parallelism 07/14/2016

Without having an execution plan it’s difficult to know the degree of parallelism Oracle has selected.  Read on to see how that can be reported.

Oracle’s REMAINDER Function: The Result Isn’t Always Correct 06/27/2016

Oracle’s REMAINDER function can return negative results; read on to see why and what can be done to work around the issue.

Oracle's Calibrate_io Procedure: Why You Should Use It 06/13/2016

Oracle's calibrate_io procedure populates the data dictionary with disk 'performance' data to give the optimizer a fighting chance at a decent plan.  Read on to see why the data it generates may not be the most accurate with respect to performance.

Mutating Table Error In Oracle: Why It Happens And What You Can Do About It 05/31/2016

There are a lot of 'explanations' offered for the ORA-04091 error; read on to find out what is really going on and  how to address the situation.

Oracle SRVCTL Issue in 05/12/2016

When using Oracle in a Grid configuration the srvctl utility can change the group on the Oracle executables, creating problems with locating the spfile and with disk access.

Re-thinking SQL Queries Using Sets in Oracle 04/28/2016

Sometimes it's good to re-think how to write a query; set operations can provide performance benefits over 'straight SQL'.  Read on to see an example of this in action.

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