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Oracle Mutexes 07/13/2017

Mutexes differ from latches in a number of ways. Read on to see how they differ from latches, what modes they can be acquired in, and their relative efficiency compared to latches.

Oracle Latches 06/26/2017

Oracle latches are interesting items that can protect, and sometimes hinder, object access.  Read on to see what they are, how they work and how they can sometimes cause problems.

Indexing In Oracle 12c When Extended String Length is Configured 06/12/2017

Extended string lengths can be very beneficial but they can also be an impediment to index and constraint creation. Read on to see what the problems are and how to get around them.

Oracle's Histograms: Bane or Boon? 05/30/2017

Histograms have improved greatly over the years, yet there are still those who won't use them.  Read on to learn what they do and why they may not be as bad as some say.

Oracle B-Tree Index On A BLOB 05/11/2017

Interestingly, you can create a B-tree index on a BLOB column; read on to see how to do it and just how useful, or not, it might be.

Using the optimizer_index_cost_adj Parameter in Oracle 04/24/2017

When all else fails it may be necessary to tell Oracle that index access is the way to go.  Read on to see what parameter is used, how to set it, and what surprises you may find after you do.

Does NOLOGGING In Oracle Really Save Time? 04/17/2017

Using NOLOGGING is a time-saver, some say, but is it really?  Read on to see why it may not be and how it can get you into trouble.

Setting A Logon Security Message In Oracle 03/27/2017

Many enterprises are requiring user notification of session monitoring at login, at both the server and database level. Read on to see how to enable this feature and provide custom text.

Unified Audit Trail in Oracle 12c 03/13/2017

The new Unified Audit Trail in Oracle 12c can provide advantages over the older audit trail. Read on to see how to configure it and how to test the policy.

Is Oracle Enabling Compulsive Tuning Disorder? 02/27/2017

With all of the metrics Oracle provides, it can be easy to want to tune a lot of areas. Read on to see why not every metric needs tuning.

Using Index-Organized Tables in Oracle 02/13/2017

Index-organized tables can provide great benefits if used properly.  Read on to see how to use them and what you might run into if conditions aren't ideal.

Calculating Elapsed Time For Queries In Oracle 01/30/2017

An AWR report isn't the only source for total elapsed time for a query.  Read on to see how to use the AWR data to compute these times on demand.

Oracle's pga_max_size and _pga_max_size Control Two Different Areas 01/12/2017

Oracle has two PGA size parameters that look the same but aren't.  Read on to see what areas each covers and why you can't get them confused.

Oracle’s Automatic Listener Registration 12/19/2016

Oracle databases auto-register with current listeners, but what if  you don’t want that to happen?  Read on to see how automatic listener registration can be stopped until you want it to happen.

Is Oracle’s SYS_GUID A Good Choice For A Primary Key? 12/12/2016

Using Oracle’s generated SYS_GUID() values is an option for creating unique primary key values.  Read on to see if it’s better than using a traditional sequence.

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