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SQL scripts, coding and programming for database administrators

SQL Scripts & Samples

Lock Monitoring Scripts 03/07/2017

This sequence of scripts can help identify tables that are being blocked and quantify how many locks are happening in your database.

Find Objects Referenced Inside a Stored Procedure 08/22/2016

Not all tools provide a GUI interface, making it difficult to find Oracle's object referenced inside a PLSQL stored procedure. This script finds those objects.

Monitor CPU Usage Information 04/29/2016

This script will monitor CPU Usage Information.

Generate Random Passwords 12/14/2015

Use this script to generate a random password.

User Login Permission Detail 04/24/2015

Use this stored procedure to quickly capture all login information when needed, especially for security audit situations.

Practice SQL 04/02/2014

Practice INSERT into.

Search All Stored Procedures in All Databases 05/22/2013

Piece of code to search all stored procedures in all databases for keyword.

All Database Space Used and Free 04/16/2013

Helps DBA to find out quickly which database takes a lot of space and which file could be shrunk. Very useful when output is sorted by Drive Letter when "Out of space" occurs.

Access Function 11/24/2012

Want to use this function in PHP/MySQL but new to PHP/MySQL. It works by taking the select member code description and the last assigned number and format as CON-00001 once the focus in lost after selecting the member description from dropdown list on the form.

Register New User 11/10/2012

Used when checking to see if the registered user is already in the database.

Creating Excel Using T-SQL 12/26/2011

Creating Excel using TSQ-L.

DataBase Size 12/08/2011

Disk Space Used for all databases.

Find Failed Jobs in 24 Hours 10/17/2011

This script looks for all failed jobs in the last day.

Dead Lock Graph 06/25/2011

This script will create the base table, stored procedures, set up alert, Job for the dead lock. The output will send both xml and xdl file. XDL file is the deadloack graph that can be opened in SSMS.

Uploading a CSV File into an Oracle Database 06/14/2011

Uploading a flat file into an Oracle database.

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