Big Data Summit 2010 San Francisco; Registration is FREE

The first Big Data Summit, held in New York City last year, was such a success that Aster Data has announced that there will be a second Big Data Summit. This Big Data Summit will be held on February 18 in the San Francisco Bay Area (Westin Hotel, Burlingame). The event will be sponsored by notables such as Amazon Web Services, Dell, Impetus, Informatica, and yes Aster Data.

The Big Data Summit will highlight advancements in big data management and advanced analytics with many companies discussing how they are using massively parallel data warehouses, advanced analytics frameworks, as well as hot technologies like MapReduce and cloud computing.

Registration is FREE, limited to the first 150 people, with current presenters that include:

  • Merv Adrian, Founder, IT Market Strategy
  • David Michaels, Vice President, Intuit (previously
  • Allen Gilliland, Director, Mobclix
  • Mayank Bawa, CEO, Aster Data

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