Integrated Data Management Platform, Talend v4.1, Released

Talend v4.1 now supplies data stewardship and data matching to their data management solution; continuing to meet a customer’s needs to resolve duplicate data and quality issues. The data stewardship feature offers a data steward to identify attributes for a master record from duplicates, simple tools for implementation, and easily define business rules as well as automate processes.

‘Poor data quality raises costs, creates more work and hinders optimal company performance. Talend v4.1 addresses this critical issue by improving the functionality of our advanced data management solutions while increasing efficiency, and still maintaining the right price tag for companies of any size,’ said Fabrice Bonan, co-founder and chief operating officer, Talend. ‘New features, like the data stewardship console, make it easy for business users to quickly become data stewards across all forms of data management, driving the benefits of enhanced data quality to every department in an organization.’

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