MySQL/PostgreSQL Application Users and Vendors Provided Benefits with Tungsten 1.3

Now available is version 1.3 of Continuent’s Tungsten, a solution offering benefits and improvements for users running MySQL and PostgreSQL-based applications along with SaaS and PaaS vendors on MySQL. Particularly for vendors, Tungsten raises profitability through preservation of investments and low operation costs, enables customers’ Service Level Agreements to be met more easily, and facilitates the addition of new customers, handling the growing data volume and performance needs by the more effective use of hardware.

“To run a multi-tenant and multi-site SaaS solution creates a whole new set of issues that we need to address. These include need for high performance, scalability, and last but not least, requirement for truly continuous operations without downtime — even during our maintenance and upgrade cycles,” says Jim Dvorkin, CTO at Five9. “I feel that Continuent Tungsten solution is well positioned to address many of these issues.”

Continuent Tungsten does so by offering fast replication of MySQL databases; zero-down time upgrades of schemas, software, and hardware as well as live copies with data consistency checking and tightly coupled backup/restore integration through cluster management; plus seamless connection and load balancing to the backend database.

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