PostgreSQL Version 7.3 Released

12.02.02.  The PostgreSQL Global Development Group yesterday announced the release of version 7.3 of the PostgreSQL object-relational database management system (ORDBMS). PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open source database, provides solutions for many of the most demanding
applications in use today, saving businesses and governments millions of dollars each year.

The worldwide PostgreSQL community is very excited about this
release, which includes numerous modifications and enhancements thanks
to the contributions of over 500 developers and thousands of volunteer
testers from more than 50 countries.

“PostgreSQL 7.3 is full of new, oft requested features such as SQL ’92 schemas, prepared statements, and stored procedures that can
return record sets. And under the hood there is a new dependency tracking system that allows PostgreSQL to safely support many more subtle
enhancements like the ability to drop columns,” said Neil Conway, a member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Team.

Among the advances in PostgreSQL version 7.3 are:

  • Schemas

    PostgreSQL now joins the handful of ORDBMS’s to support
    the SQL 92 Schema specification, improving both enterprise
    database management and security through the use of namespaces.

  • Table Functions

    PostgreSQL version 7.3 has greatly simplified returning result sets
    of rows and columns in database functions. This significantly
    enhances the useability of stored procedures in PostgreSQL, and will
    make it even easier to port Oracle applications to PostgreSQL.

  • Security Advances

    In response to community demands, PostgreSQL has added schema,
    function, and other permissions and settings to increase the database
    administrator’s granular control over security.

Other Enhancements to PostgreSQL Version 7.3 include:

– Enhanced dependency tracking for complex databases.

– Prepared queries for maximized performance on common requests.

– Expanded logging options

– Support for data in many international characters sets


  ISO 8859-1 ECMA-94, KOI8, WIN1256, etc…)

– Dozens of performance enhancements to maintain PostgreSQL’s leading
position in ORDMBSs.

A complete list of changes in PostgreSQL version 7.3 can be found in the history
file included with the release. The list is also available on the web at The Source for this release is available at:

Additional information on PostgreSQL is available in nine languages on the PostgreSQL
Advocacy website

The complete press release can be found at:

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