Support for DB2 and Informix with XCEND’s MetriX Real-Time Dashboard

XCEND’s MetriX Real-Time Dashboard v1.1.1 extends current support for SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL to now include DB2 and Informix database management systems. Also in the release includes alerting, drill-down, cloning, and 64-bit compatibility.

“IT leadership needs to rely on dashboard solutions that will not only let them proactively manage the most critical aspects of IT operations, but also maintain visibility and transparency across the entire organization, addressing all aspects of planning, strategy, architecture, operations and quality assurance,” noted XCEND Group President & CEO Ron Schoenherr. “MetriX Real-Time Dashboard v1.1.0 enables CIOs and IT directors and administrators to establish thresholds and criteria to effectively measure IT’s Key Performance Indicators at all levels.”

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