Symantec i3 8.0 Application Performance Management

In the news today, Symantec announced their latest release
of Symantec i3 8.0 Application Performance Management (APM) suite that
monitors, analyzes, and diagnoses performance and availability bottlenecks that
can impact mission business critical applications.

If you are not familiar with an APM solution, it is simply a
solution that focuses on the monitoring and management of software
applications. An APM solution is a set of tools that can monitor, detect and
prevent performance issues that can hurt your very critical business
transactions. For example, a high dollar web site such as Amazon would benefit
with such a solution because a tenth of a second equates to loss of revenue.

“Organizations choose multi-tier
applications for their modularity, extensibility and scalability, but many
performance management solutions don’t extend the same level of flexibility to
build customized views to detect, diagnose, and correct performance, for custom
or legacy applications,” said Brian Babineau, senior analyst, Enterprise
Strategy Group. “ Symantec i3 8.0 provides customers with a standard tool
across all applications to quickly identify the source of application problems
and recommendations on how to best address these issues reducing the risk that
the problems will reoccur or significantly disrupt accessibility.”

Using an APM that can monitor issues across multiple
platforms and technology and address bottlenecks and potential problems is what
Symantec i3 is all about. They can do this with a new SDK that allows you to
customize i3 to monitor, detect, and diagnose potential problems.

"The demands on data
centers have never been greater – data volumes grow dramatically every year and
information and applications must be protected and available at all times, with
no window for downtime," said Sateesh Narahari, senior product marketing
manager for APM at Symantec. "Symantec i3 provides the comprehensive,
end-to-end performance management necessary for an organization to keep its
infrastructure up and running without sacrificing access to critical
information. Our application performance management solution compliments this
effort by ensuring optimal performance of the application environment and
helping to manage cost and complexity across the multiple tiers of the IT

Narahari goes on to say that
"the version delivers a new Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable our
partners and consultants to build value added solutions, enabling customers to
integrate monitoring of their legacy systems with Symantec APM. This allows our
customers to use one tool to monitor their applications."

For many businesses, downtime of 60 seconds or more could
spell disaster to their stock price. The amount of lost revenue in 60 seconds
can be prevented my using a product such as Symantec i3. By providing an IT
staff with the tools to properly monitor and analyze bottlenecks, you allow
them to master complex environments and resolve slowdowns to prevent loss of
revenue bottlenecks.

“Symantec i3 helps us ensure the availability and performance of our critical
applications, allowing IT to better support our business and customers,” said
Luis Morales of Financial Security Assurance Inc (FSA), which provides
financial guaranty insurance for asset-backed securities, municipal bonds and
other structured obligations in the global markets. ”With i3 8.0, we will be
proactively notified of potential issues, enabling faster resolution of
application performance problems and allowing us to put our IT resources toward
other business-critical activities.”

With the delivery of Symantec i3 8.0, you are introduced to
a number of new features such as the ability to perform the following:

  • SmartLink Technology Improvements that allow you to quickly seek
    out and define rapid identification of performance related issues.

  • New Support for Microsoft SQL Server and .NET included in
    SmartLink and SmartTune technology. This includes a top-level view of J2EE
    SmartTune data from the Symantec APM Application Service Dashboard.

  • An expanded J2EE knowledgebase in the SmartTune Library.

  • A SDK that provides an expanded view of application performance
    and better integration with legacy applications.

  • Easier deployments by using the command line interface (CLI)
    included with the product offering as well as improved scalability and role
    based administration. This new CLI allows an IT administrator to apply
    system-wide updates easily.

  • The Application Service Dashboard included in i3 provides a “pit
    stop” view of all relevant business metrics from monitored systems. New
    portlets will also be made available with Application Service Dashboard 2.0 to
    enable monitoring of Microsoft environments, including SQL Server and .NET,
    J2EE virtual machines, Oracle, and SAP.

Symantec is a global leader in infrastructure software,
enabling businesses and consumers to have confidence in a connected world. The
company helps customers protect their infrastructure, information and
interactions by delivering software and services that address risks to
security, availability, compliance and performance. Headquartered in Cupertino,
Calif., Symantec has operations in 40 countries. More information is available

Symantec i3 8.0 is now generally available through Symantec’s
certified value-added resellers system integrators and direct sales force.
Pricing begins at $1500 per physical CPU. For more information, visit Symantec


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