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Is COUNT(rowid) Faster Than COUNT(*)? 05/18/2020

It is believed that count(*) expands to all columns and that count(rowid) is faster.  Read on to see why the opposite might be true.

Understanding Views in SQL 04/27/2020

Learn about the concept of views in SQL, and how they work. Read on to see clear examples of how to implement views.

A Look at the Oracle Group-by Bug 04/13/2020

In Oracle 12.2 and later a group-by elimination enhancement can produce wrong results. Read on to see what can be returned and how to work around it.

Addressing the Drop Column Bug in Oracle 18c and 19c 02/24/2020

The latest two versions of Oracle can throw an error when columns are set as unused and then dropped. Learn about this issue and how to address it.

Using Oracle EXPAND_SQL_TEXT 01/13/2020

Database tables are not static entities and sometimes changes can wreak havoc on packages and procedures.  Read on to see how Oracle's expand_sql_text can help solve such issues.

Monitoring Table Change in Oracle 12/23/2019

Learn of possible scenarios to monitor changes when replicating Oracle. Read on to discover the best course of action for moving forward!

A Quick Look at SQL Server Numeric Functions 12/19/2019

If you are wanting to manipulate numeric data with mathematically, then you will wan tot read on to get an overview of the core SQL numeric functions

Don't Let the Streams Pool Fool You 11/18/2019

The Streams pool is used by more than just Streams. Read on to see what else uses it and what you could expect when streams_pool_size is set to 0.

Using LogMiner To Find Current Changes 10/28/2019

LogMiner can be used to find data changes based on time or SCN and can be used to find only the most recent changes.  Read on to see how this can be accomplished.

Foreign Keys and Multi-Table Inserts in Oracle 09/30/2019

Referential constraints ensure data integrity, but in at least one case can cause occasional problems. Read on to see what can happen and why it can occur...

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