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Oracle's LOCAL_TEMP_TABLESPACE 09/13/2018

Oracle has provided a new setting, local_temp_tablespace, for RAC installations.  Read on to see what this does and how it can end up being set incorrectly.

Oracle's ddl_lock_timeout in Version 08/27/2018

With some ports of Oracle 12.2, attempting to set ddl_lock_timeout at the session level can throw an ORA-00068.  Read on to see one way this can be fixed.

Oracle's Transparent Data Encryption 08/13/2018

Keeping data secure also means keeping it obscured should a breach occur.  Read on to see how Oracle's Transparent Data Encryption can keep that data from prying eyes.

Oracle's 'cursor_sharing = force' May Not Behave as Expected 07/30/2018

The cursor_sharing=force setting is designed to substitute system-generated bind variables for literals, but there are cases where not all literals are replaced.  Read on to see when this can occur.

Steps to Migrate Oracle Database to Azure SQL Database 07/23/2018

Many organizations are looking at the prospect of a technology migration, where capabilities are moved to a new set of technologies, supporting and enabling the business of the future. Anoop Kumar lays out the steps that can be followed to migrate an on-premise Oracle database to the SQL Server cloud database, Azure SQL Database.

Oracle's ASCIISTR() and Unicode Characters 07/12/2018

Although documented, the ASCIISTR() function may return 'interesting' results depending on the characters translated.  Read on to see what problems this can cause and a possible fix.

Using Oracle VM to Create Dev and Test Environments 06/25/2018

Using Oracle VM can be a fast and reliable way to create dev and test environments.  Read on to see how this can be done and how it can help migrate databases from other operating systems.

Creating an Oracle Patching Strategy 06/14/2018

Patching an Oracle installation can be interesting, especially if the patch needs to be backed out.  Read on to see how to create a process that preserves the original home.

Moving from Oracle Solaris to x86 05/29/2018

Since Solaris is soon to be unsupported the x86 platform may be a desirable choice.  Read on to see how to make the transition easier.

Oracle's Conventional Export (exp) May Cause Problems 05/14/2018

There may be some still using conventional export (exp); with Oracle 12 that may not be a good idea.  Read on to see why.

Pseudonymization Of Personal Data With Oracle 04/30/2018

The GDPR offers pseudonymization as a protection technique for personal data.  Read on to see what pseudonymization is and why it can be difficult to implement.

Does Your Oracle Table Really Need 255 or More Columns? 04/16/2018

Tables with 255 or more columns are not uncommon but Oracle introduces some interesting performance changes when dealing with them.  Read on to see what can happen for such tables.

Put Your Oracle Database In the Oracle Cloud 03/26/2018

It may no longer be true that an on-premises database is faster than one in the Cloud.  Oracle Cloud offerings are varied, so read on to see the available options to migrate to the cloud.

Backup to the Oracle Cloud 03/12/2018

With the explosion of cloud-based applications and database services, it might be wise to consider backing up local databases to the Oracle cloud.  Read on to see how to configure and execute such backups.

Oracle 12cR2 Upgrade and the Alert Log 02/26/2018

When upgrading an Oracle database to version you may find that scripts that scan the alert log stop working.  Read on to see why and how to address the issue.

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