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Foreign Keys and Multi-Table Inserts in Oracle 09/30/2019

Referential constraints ensure data integrity, but in at least one case can cause occasional problems. Read on to see what can happen and why it can occur...

What is the Latch Event and Why Does It Occur? 09/02/2019

If there is a reasonable chance that parallel execution can occur, then you'll want to read on about the latch event!

Understanding the Odd Behavior for Timestamp with Time Zone Columns in Oracle 07/22/2019

Timestamp with Oracle Time Zone columns exhibits 'interesting' behavior with respect to unique indexes and primary keys.  Read on to see the issue and one possibly confusing way to handle it!

Oracle's Native JSON Changes May Present a Surprise 06/13/2019

Recently Oracle has updated its JSON functionality in the database and that may present unexpected issues.  Read on to see what changed and how it could affect results.

The Horror of NOLOGGING in Oracle 05/03/2019

Transactions using NOLOGGING can make a database unusable if recovery is necessary. Read on to see why and how to protect the database from unrecoverable transactions.

Single-column Primary Keys and Histograms in Oracle 04/15/2019

Does a single-column primary key need a histogram? That may not be as silly of a question as might appear. Read on to find out why.

Trouble with Oracle's DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS For The UNDO Tablespace 03/18/2019

Changes in the way Oracle sets the flag value for the UNDO tablespace in version 12.x make the output from DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS either incomplete (12.1) or missing  (12.2).  Read on for more information.

Oracle's Automatic Memory Management and the SPFILE 02/28/2019

With Oracle's Automatic Memory Management the spfile is updated with some interesting settings.  Read on to see what the settings are and what they do.

IBM Db2 Query Optimization Using AI 02/18/2019

IBM’s machine learning is being used to improve the performance of analytical queries as well as operational queries and their associated applications. This requires management attention, as you must verify that your business is prepared to consume these ML and AI conclusions. Learn more…

Oracle's Interesting Treatment of IN-LISTS 02/13/2019

Whether it's a bug or by design Oracle's 1000-element in-list restriction isn't always enforced.  Read on to see what conditions can bypass this limitation.

Top 10 Databases for 2019 01/31/2019

A look at ten top databases fighting for mind-share in 2019.

Is UNION The Best Choice When Joining Result Sets? 01/29/2019

It's common practice to use UNION when joining result sets from different tables, but there may be times when that isn't the best choice. Read on to see why.

Handling Disaster Recovery When Using Oracle Managed Files 01/16/2019

Standby databases are used in most, if not all, Data Recovery configurations, and init.ora files and control file creation scripts are usually generated on the primary. Read on to see why, when using Oracle Managed Files, they need to be created on the standby.

Choosing Between Oracle's Bitmap and Function-based Indexes 12/26/2018

Oracle provides two ways to create an index that can reliably be used with nulls; a bitmap index and a function-based index. In this article, you will learn when each is applicable and see them in action!

Improvements in Oracle's Join Elimination 12/13/2018

Occasionally a join using primary key columns in a query can be eliminated because of the data involved.  In Oracle 12.2 and later, multi-column primary keys can be used to do this; however, there are cases where the join elimination is not complete . In this article, you'll see an example that illustrates these points.

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