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Oracle's Bulk Collect and Limit Can Be A Problem 12/14/2017

Using Bulk Collect with the Limit clause may not process all of the data in the result set.  Read on to see why and how the problem can be avoided.

Monitoring Oracle's Temp Usage 11/20/2017

It may be necessary to monitor the usage and storage of the TEMP tablespace.  Read on to see how to implement a monitoring strategy that makes sense.

Oracle Upgrades to 11/13/2017

Upgrades to the newest Oracle release can create problems depending upon the database configuration.  Read on to see what types of issues can arise and how to address them.

Oracle's Automatic Big Table Caching 10/30/2017

If in-memory isn't available to you there may be another option: automatic big table caching.  Read on to see how to configure this feature and what it can do for you.

Oracle's TEMP Tablespace 10/12/2017

Big tables can be cached automatically by Oracle as long as certain criteria are met.  Read on to see how to configure this feature and what might be standing in your way.

Tracking Rollback Progress in Oracle 09/25/2017

Large transactions can take considerable time to rollback once they are stopped.  Read on to see how to monitor rollback progress from another session.

Oracle's Newest PL/SQL Feature 'ACCESSIBLE BY' 09/14/2017

Running procedures and functions outside of the package context can cause issues, especially with dependencies.  Read on to see how ACCESSIBLE BY can prevent 'unauthorized' access to procedures and functions.

Oracle's 'Parallel Query Allocate Buffer' Latch 08/21/2017

Parallel query buffers can be numerous and, as a result, may wait for an allocation latch.  Read on to see why larger parallel degree settings are more likely to encounter this latch.

Oracle's Autotrace Can Lie to You 08/14/2017

Execution plans can be very helpful when diagnosing problems but be careful how you generate them as autotrace can lie to you.  Read on to see how to generate reliable execution plans.

Oracle Transaction En-queue Waits and Locked Objects 07/31/2017

Sometimes it's possible to track down an object causing an en-queue wait from an ASH report. Read on to see how such an investigation begins and what information may be available.

Oracle Mutexes 07/13/2017

Mutexes differ from latches in a number of ways. Read on to see how they differ from latches, what modes they can be acquired in, and their relative efficiency compared to latches.

Oracle Latches 06/26/2017

Oracle latches are interesting items that can protect, and sometimes hinder, object access.  Read on to see what they are, how they work and how they can sometimes cause problems.

Indexing In Oracle 12c When Extended String Length is Configured 06/12/2017

Extended string lengths can be very beneficial but they can also be an impediment to index and constraint creation. Read on to see what the problems are and how to get around them.

Oracle's Histograms: Bane or Boon? 05/30/2017

Histograms have improved greatly over the years, yet there are still those who won't use them.  Read on to learn what they do and why they may not be as bad as some say.

Oracle B-Tree Index On A BLOB 05/11/2017

Interestingly, you can create a B-tree index on a BLOB column; read on to see how to do it and just how useful, or not, it might be.

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