A Database Journal Guide to MySQL 5 Certification: The DBA Stream


Last time we looked at
the Developer
Stream of the MySQL 5 certification
. Now, in the last part of this series,
we look at the DBA stream. Passing the DBA exam, (the title you can use once
qualified is the Certified MySQL 5.0
Database Administrator (DBA)
), requires more in-depth knowledge of MySQL’s
intricacies than the Developer exam. Although the two streams have been
separated, and it’s possible to follow either stream without necessarily having
to do the other, the DBA exam is the successor to the old MySQL 4 Professional
exam. Anyone holding that certification can upgrade to the DBA stream in one
exam, while those who hold the old Core title would need to write both DBA
exams in order to upgrade.

The next two sections
will list all the topics in the two DBA exams, mentioning how large a part they
play in the entire exam (the percentage figure in brackets), and provide a list
of useful sources for studying up in that area.




You should be aware now
that achieving the DBA certification is not going to be easy, and that the
exams test a broad range of knowledge. But, with all the available resources,
and sufficient practical experience, there’s no reason you can’t succeed in
achieving it. Good luck!

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Ian Gilfillan
Ian Gilfillan
Ian Gilfillan lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He is the author of the book 'Mastering MySQL 4', published by Sybex, and has been working with MySQL since 1997. These days he develops mainly in PHP and MySQL, although confesses to starting out with BASIC and COBOL, way back when, and still has a soft spot for Perl. He developed South Africa's first online grocery store, and has developed and taught internet development and other technical courses for various institutions. He has majors in Programming and Information Systems, as well as English and Philosophy. For 5 years he was Lead Developer and IT Manager for Independent Online, South Africa's premier news portal. However, he has now 'retired' from fulltime work, and is hoping that his next book will be more in the style of William Blake and Allen Ginsberg.

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