AlligatorSQL 1.14 Officially Released

Alligator company has officially released version 1.14 of its professional RDBMS management tool, AlligatorSQL. AlligatorSQL offers a professional way to manage stored objects in an Oracle 8i, MySQL, Interbase, or SQL Server database. With simple clicks you can drag and drop objects from one database to another, analyze data and import or export different file formats, without needing any special knowledge about DDL.

The aim of the AlligatorSQL is to support as databases and protocols as possible, with current support for Oracle 8i, MySQL, Interbase, Birdstep (Velocis), PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as additional support planned for IBM DB2, Sybase, Informix, and Cache.

New features in the latest release include:

  • Save and load of projectfiles with direct connect
  • Generation of SQL statement out of the grid element
  • Database Performance monitor for Oracle8i
  • Support for Birdstep (Velocis) databases
  • Access to PostgreSQL databases
  • Access to MSSQL server databases
  • Access to database forums
  • Direct edit in oracle gridelement
  • Direct edit in SQL browser
  • Online help with tutorials

Pricing for AlligatorSQL ranges from $250 for a single user license to $2500 for an open user license. A free 30-day Evaluation Release is available for download. More information on AlligatorSQL is available at

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