Load and Search MySQL Data Using VB.NET 2005 in Windows Applications

[From MySQL AB]

MySQL data load and search are very important business requirements in any Windows or Internet web application development. In general, any application needs to show a result set of data and/or a single record to the end-users. In Windows applications it is very popular to show a result set of data by using the DataGridView, ListView or TreeView controls. A single record can be shown by the simple combination of the following controls: TextBox, ComboBox, ListBox, CheckBox, RadioButton, etc. MySQL data search is provided by using the required ADO.NET data objects and by refreshing the controls if necessary. These two processes, data load and search, should be fast and should be done with the proper code which depends on the controls in the Windows Form or Web Page. In this article I will show you how load and sort MySQL data using the DataGridView control. To search MySQL data the LIKE SQL operator will be used. Both programming implementations are done by using stored procedures for MySQL 5.0 database engine.

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