Oracle Optimizer: Moving to and working with CBO

your application was developed in earlier releases of Oracle (v. 7 and earlier),
chances are that your database is running in Rule based optimizer. This article
will help you understand the Oracle Optimizer and various efficient ways of
moving to Cost based Optimizer. This is Part 1 of a five part series.

Part 1

  1. What is Optimizer?
  2. Why Optimize?
  3. Available Optimizers
  4. Why is RBO being removed?
  5. Why move to CBO?

Part 2

  1. Initialization parameters that affect CBO
  2. Internal Oracle parameters that affect CBO

Part 3

  1. Setup changes for migrating to CBO
  2. Generating Statistics
  3. DML Monitoring

Part 4

  1. Hints
  2. Stored outlines
  3. Statistics for SYS schema

Part 5

  1. New Privileges
  2. How to analyze execution plans in CBO?
  3. Oracle Applications 11i specific information for CBO
  4. Conclusion

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