Clearing All Users From The System

In small companies, one thing that I have often run into with client-server accounting systems is that
a machine will lock up while running some process (like posting a batch). Then the user will
go to another machine and try the same process. That machine will lock up and the user will
continue to repeat this process until all licenses for the product are used up. I think
this is the same person that keeps pressing the “print” button in Word when the first
copy does not print.

After a tech support call to Great Plains, I was given the following instructions:

  1. Connect to the Great Plains SQL Server using Query Analyzer
  2. Change to the Dynamics Database
  3. delete all rows from activity
  4. Users will now be able to login.

DISCLAIMER: Use this process at your own risk and only when you are sure that all users
are unable to login to the system normally.

This process is not for all situations, but when you get in a bind, it may help you out.

Steve Jones
February 2001

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