DTSObject Utility (VB)

This very simple application lists the provider specific properties for a
Connection object or the CustomTask properties for a Task object. It is nothing
fancy but it is easier than making a Package and then using
just to find out
the properties of an object. The downside is that it does not give values.

This information can be used to great effect:

  • How to dynamically change…Connections
  • How to dynamically change…Tasks

    DTSObject Screen Shot


    Please note that this program is provided without any warranty or assurances of any kind.
    Use it at your own risk. Commercial distribution or distribution for profit in any form is strictly forbidden without prior permission from the author.

    Download DTSObject including source code (~9K).

    Version History

    Version 1.0.0 (04/12/1999) – First Public Release Version

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