“File Watcher” for SQL Server

SQL Server Database
administrators often come across situations where the scheduled DTS jobs failed
because the Source File didn’t arrive on time. It is a tedious process to
cleanup if there are dependent jobs that have run before the first DTS job
completed successfully. The intent of this article is to provide a solution for
that kind of situation.

Let’s simulate the whole scenario
of "File Watcher" Job.

What is "File Watcher"

File Watcher is a SQL job that looks
for the existence of a file in a particular folder every few minutes. If that
particular file arrives, it will trigger another job.

Let’s assume that a CSV file "File.csv,"
such as the one below, is going to be copied to C:Fileimport from an external
job. This copying may happen any time between 6 AM and 9 AM.


MSDEBox ,Test,12

Create table

Create tables in the database as
shown below.

Use test
[ServerName] varchar (255) NULL,
[ServerType] varchar (255) NULL,
[ID] varchar (255) NULL )
CREATE TABLE [Logtable] (
[ID] int identity(1,1),
[Status] varchar (255) NULL,
[Date] datetime default getdate())

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