Introducing Database Daily, All the Database Technology Information and Trends You Need in One Newsletter has created a new newsletter, Database Daily, to deliver the latest enterprise database technology information and trends directly to you everyday. Like the other 15 million technical professionals in the network-including 8 million interested in development-you need information in order to make smart decisions, and we have that information. In addition to the in-depth tutorials you’ve come to expect from Database Journal, Database Daily will deliver breaking news, summaries of recently published white papers and analyst reports from leading sources, and an updated listing of career opportunities-all focused on database technology and trends.

In addition to all of this original content,’s elite team of editors will scour the Web for each day’s essential reading from other top tech information sources. In short, does all the work so you don’t have to-a new issue of Database Daily will arrive fresh to your in-box each day, providing a one-click resource to help you make informed decisions.

If you’ve previously received the Database Journal Weekly, you’ll begin receiving the Database Daily automatically. You can also subscribe to this newsletter here.

In addition to the revamped newsletter, you’ll notice similar content changes and refocusing towards enterprise database technology and trends on as well. Of course, we are always working to improve, so feel free to provide feedback in the comments section below or via email to [email protected].

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