Microsoft SQL Server 2000 command line utilities (Part 1)

first article in a series of two, discusses how to use the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 command line
utilities, and what are
they used for.

to be clear before I start, these
utilities are primarily used for diagnostic, configuration and data migration
purposes, rather than for database server administration.

find below all the 42 command line utilities available in an SQL Server
instance. Some of the tools described (for example bcp, distrib and osql)
have a complex syntax (huge set of options), therefore, a DBA needs permanent
access to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 e-documentation – Books Online, delivered
with your database server installation media.

Most of the utilities, discussed below, are installed into Program
FilesMicrosoft SQL Server80ToolsBinn
, while the others are installed into
Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQLBinn and Program
FilesMicrosoft SQL Server80Com

Be aware that ‘Program FilesMicrosoft SQL
Server80ToolsBinn’ directory is added to a system path, so utilities located
here can be run from a command prompt (without specifying a full path). As for
any other utilities (i.e. those not in the ‘Program FilesMicrosoft SQL
Server80ToolsBinn’ directory) should be run from the command prompt in the
directory in which the utility is installed or the path should be explicitly

Alexzander Nepomnjashiy
Alexzander Nepomnjashiy
I am a Microsoft SQL Server Database Designer for Neo-Systems North-West - a security services, consulting, and training company. I have over eight years of experience in the IT field. I am currently working on several projects which involve the deployment of Microsoft Windows NT Server/Microsoft SQL Server within an enterprise business/financial environment. My typical role in these projects includes extending and improving our clients' corporate ERP systems to manage retail sales data, predict market changes and calculate trends for future market situations (DSS, OLAP). Also among my responsibilities are the design and administration of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0/2000 databases. I am available to work on a contract basis for the following types of projects: - Technical authoring, including books, articles, and white papers; - Network and systems design and analysis; - Database and software development and analysis; - Short-term consulting projects. I hope you find these articles useful. If you have any ideas for future articles (in a field of Microsoft SQL Server databases design, administration, performance optimization), or if you have anything to say about the ones below, please do not hesitate to contact me! Feel free to forward these articles to all interested associates. Thank You!
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