SQL Server 7 technical review

First, the official name for the release is now SQL Server 7.0. The code name “Spinx” is no longer being used. In this document, I will summarize what Microsoft presented and give you my impressions of the new release. Please note that I am writing this document from the presentation slides and my notes and recollections. It is possible that I have misheard or misunderstood something. None of this was presented under non-disclosure. I will italicize my impressions so that it is clear that they are not Microsofts information.

This presentation was based on Beta 2. It is possible that there will be changes between now and the actual release of SQL Server 7.0

Presenters at this conference were

Paul Flessner: General Manager, SQL Server Development

Hal Berenson: Product Unit Manager and Architect, SQL Server Relational Engine

Peter Spiro: Product Unit Manager and Architect, SQL Server Storage Engine

Casey Kiernan: Product Unit Manager and Architect, SQL Server Tools

Ron Soukup: Product Unit Manager, SQL Server Replication

William Baker: General Manager, Internet Applications Server Group

Jeff Alger: Group Program Manager



Many thanks to Sharon for providing these notes – drop her a note at [email protected] and tell her thanks!


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