SQL Server Replication Overview


1. Error:

The following error message
occurred on ServerP (Publisher) for the Distribution Task: “3700
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Drvier] [SQL Server] Login Failed – User:
Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.”


Define the NT Login (ex. Sqlnt) as
a trusted connection on both servers. Execute the following SQL Statement;
xp_grantlogin ‘Administrators’, ‘admin’.

2. Error:

The following error message
occurred when starting the MSSQLServer Service with the NT Login: “Can not
set the startup parameters for the MSSQLServer Service. Error 1057 occurred: The
account name is invalid or does not exist.”


Retype the password for the NT
Login and then start the service.

3. Error:

The following error message
occurred when trying to go into the SQL Security Manager on both Servers:
“This SQL Server does not support Windows NT SQL Server security stored


Refer to Knowledge Base Article
Q164167. Had to return SA privileges to the local Administrators group via
editing the Registry.

4. Error:

On ServerS (Subscriber)
under Manage Subscriptions, Selected the Publications Server, and Clicked on the
More Info. Button and the following error message occurred: “Unable to
connect to site ‘ServerP’ because ‘SA’ is not
defined as a remote login at the site.”


Check Remote Server Logins by
selecting the Server Menu Item and Remote Servers. Also, verify the connection
to the Remote Server in SQL Enterprise Manager.

5. Error:

On ServerP for the
Distribution Task the following error message occurred: “The last
distributor job id and the last subscriber job id do not match. No jobs were
available with a job id > 9.


The Job ID in the
MSSubscriber_Status table (Distribution Database) on ServerP should match
the Job ID in the MSLast_Job_Info (Pubs Database) table on ServerS. There
were zero rows in the MSSubscriber_Status table and in the MSLast_Job_Info table
the Job ID was set to 9. So, the solution was to set the Job ID to zero on the
MSLast_Job_Info table (Pubs Database) on ServerS. This was done with the
following Update Statement:

    Set Job_ID = 0
Where Publisher = ‘ServerP’
Publisher_db = ‘Pubs’

6. Error:

On ServerP while creating a
new database device the following error occurred: “Error 5123:[SQL Server]
DISK INIT encountered an error while attempting to open/create the physical
file. Please consult the SQL Error Log [in the SQL boot directory] for more
details.” This occurred after the devices were deleted and an attempt was
made to recreate them. Check the SQL Error Log. It states that the files exist.
The message in the log is “udcreate: o/s error 80 (The File Exists)


Created the device with a different

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