TOP 10 SQL Server Requests That Should Be Automated

Microsoft is capturing the market using simple and elegant graphical user interfaces. However, when it comes to managing many computers, scripting/automation is the key. Microsoft also provides automation features in almost all of its products, including SQL Server.

There are mundane tasks that SQL Server Database administrators get as requests. This article discusses the various repetitive and boring tasks that should be automated.

Some of the many advantages for automating tasks are:

  • Reduce the amount of time you dedicate on repetitive activities
  • Reduce the money spent on these mundane works.
  • Use the time saved to solve quality issues.
  • Improve your ability to handle a larger volume of requests

The following are common repetitive tasks that should be automated.

1. Install SQL Server

The first and foremost request that a DBA usually gets is Install SQL Server. Installation of Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server Client is usually a long process and requires a lot of clicks, and both need to be automated. You don’t need to click nnumber of times to install software. SQL Server installation can be done using unattended install. Check these articles on unattended installation, and also check books online.

10. Transfer Logins and users

When you do log shipping or database mirroring or even do a QA/TEST database refresh, the logins are not carried over to the target server. In order to do that, you need the stored procedure “sp_hexadecimal” and a script to generate those logins using SQL server security information from system tables. It is better to generate these logins before implementing log shipping or database mirroring or even doing QA/TEST database refresh. It is also necessary to generate these logins and copy the generated login script to the destination server on daily basis. For more on regenerating logins, read Re-generating SQL Server Logins.

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