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Featured Database Articles

Backup and Restore Strategies in SQL Server – Part 2 10/20/2014

There are several high availability solutions that can be used with SQL Server. While these high availability solutions ensure maximum uptime for your databases, you need to set up backup and restore strategies to recover the data or minimize the risk of data loss in case a failure happens.

Preparing Your Enterprise for Big Data 10/16/2014

It’s difficult to simply 'drop' big data applications into an existing IT infrastructure and expect to run smoothly. In addition to energy and cooling requirements for new hardware to support the new big data application, other IT areas need to prepare. The major factors that determine whether enhancements will be needed to existing applications include large data storage needs, larger data transmission capacity, and the demands these will place on existing hardware and software.

Skipping Schema DML in an Oracle 11.2 Logical Standby Database 10/13/2014

Skipping DML for one or more schemas isn't as simple as you might think.  Read on to see what steps are necessary to avoid ORA-02149 errors and keep the logical standby synchronized.

MySQL Goes Mobile: A Roundup of Popular MySQL Mobile Apps for iOS 10/09/2014

Being one of the most popular databases on the planet, MySQL administration has been made a whole lot easier thanks to a number of new mobile apps. Rob Gravelle picks out some of the more promising new products for iOS.

Performing Azure SQL Database Management Tasks by Using PowerShell with REST API 10/06/2014

Recently, we have been exploring the ability to administer Azure SQL Database by leveraging REST APIs invoked from PowerShell-based scripts. Such an approach offers more flexibility, facilitating functionality that is not directly exposed in the PowerShell cmdlets. We have already illustrated these advantages in the context of managing Azure SQL Server instances - now it is time to show how similar benefits can be realized when dealing directly with Azure SQL Databases.

Understanding How to Use the UPDATE Statement to Change Your Data 10/02/2014

Greg Larsen shows you a number of different ways to use the UPDATE statement to modify the data in your SQL Server tables.

Database News

Microsoft to Cut Azure SQL Prices This Fall 08/27/2014

Microsoft is getting ready to slash prices by up to 50 percent after Azure SQL's new service tiers are made generally available next month.

Microsoft Entices Oracle Shops With SQL Server 2014 Migration Tool 07/25/2014

The company focuses on SQL Server 2014's in-memory capabilities in its bid to siphon enterprise database workloads from rival Oracle.

Oracle Big Data SQL Connects Various Data Sets for Analysis 07/16/2014

This can run a single SQL query on Oracle's own 12C database at the same time as in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores.

Couchbase Raises $60 Million to Fuel NoSQL Database Efforts 06/30/2014

 Investors continue to be confident in the prospects of NoSQL database technology.

Google Releases Cayley Open-Source Graph Database 06/27/2014

Cayley will be used to help Google continue to refine the idea of linking data together in graph databases, including Google's Knowledge Graph.

Database Monitoring Key to Reducing Security Breaches 06/13/2014

Only 48 percent of respondents to a recent survey indicated that they test or validate third-party software to ensure it's not vulnerable to SQL injection.

Oracle Launches In-Memory Option for 12C Database 06/10/2014

The 12C In-Memory Option is aimed at enabling ISV applications to accelerate performance by orders of magnitude for several use cases.

Review: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 05/29/2014

Integration with Microsoft's Azure and new business intelligence and Big Data tools are among the most striking features of SQL Server 2014, finds reviewer Paul Ferrill.

Oracle Expands Open-Source High-Availability with MySQL Database Fabric 05/27/2014

MySQL Fabric is a new open-source tool included in MySQL Utilities 1.4

Big Data Survey: Big Data Growing Quickly 05/22/2014

A survey of Big Data professionals indicates that, while confusion remains, the market sector is growing quickly.

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