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Big Data Technologists Transition to Customer-Facing Roles 08/18/2014

Big data applications do not need the same infrastructure support teams as do more common applications. As the enterprise embraces big data, management assumes that staff sizes will decrease. What should be done with those unneeded technologists? One answer: convert them into technology consultants that collaborate and coordinate with the lines of business. In other words, give them customer-facing roles.

Oracle: Getting The Starting Date Of A Week Using Week Number 08/14/2014

Week numbering schemes are interesting and getting the starting date based on that number is even more so. Read on to see what schemes there are and if you can, indeed, get the starting date you expect.

MySQL Numeric Overflow Gotcha 08/11/2014

Rob Gravelle highlights a gotcha related to MySQL's overflow handling of numeric values that are outside the permissible range of the column data type.

Management of Windows Azure SQL Databases via PowerShell with REST APIs 08/07/2014

Management of Azure SQL Databases has been greatly simplified by the introduction of the Azure PowerShell module. Marcin Policht describes the principles of dealing with the Azure PowerShell module’s REST APIs directly.

Automating SQL Server Agent Notification 08/04/2014

If you are a DBA you probably are responsible for running and monitoring all of the SQL Server Agent jobs on one or more SQL Server instances. Read on to learn some automated approaches of monitoring SQL Server agent jobs.

Understanding Hugepages in Oracle Database 07/28/2014

Large Oracle instances running on Linux can benefit from using hugepages.  Read on to see what hugepages are and how they help Oracle run better.

Database News

Couchbase Raises $60 Million to Fuel NoSQL Database Efforts 06/30/2014

 Investors continue to be confident in the prospects of NoSQL database technology.

Google Releases Cayley Open-Source Graph Database 06/27/2014

Cayley will be used to help Google continue to refine the idea of linking data together in graph databases, including Google's Knowledge Graph.

Database Monitoring Key to Reducing Security Breaches 06/13/2014

Only 48 percent of respondents to a recent survey indicated that they test or validate third-party software to ensure it's not vulnerable to SQL injection.

Oracle Launches In-Memory Option for 12C Database 06/10/2014

The 12C In-Memory Option is aimed at enabling ISV applications to accelerate performance by orders of magnitude for several use cases.

Review: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 05/29/2014

Integration with Microsoft's Azure and new business intelligence and Big Data tools are among the most striking features of SQL Server 2014, finds reviewer Paul Ferrill.

Oracle Expands Open-Source High-Availability with MySQL Database Fabric 05/27/2014

MySQL Fabric is a new open-source tool included in MySQL Utilities 1.4

Big Data Survey: Big Data Growing Quickly 05/22/2014

A survey of Big Data professionals indicates that, while confusion remains, the market sector is growing quickly.

New Rules for Database Design in the Cloud 05/19/2014

With a database in the cloud, the challenges of remotely hosted storage must be addressed.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Already Powering Production Workloads 05/18/2014

Early bird special? Microsoft's newest database delivers some massive performance and efficiency gains for early customers.

More Microsoft SQL on Azure Update Details Emerge 05/06/2014

Microsoft releases more details on its upgraded cloud-based database offering as it gears up for an official launch.

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