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Featured Database Articles

This Oracle Bug Could Bite You 08/29/2016

In Oracle creating a table may fail even though space is available.  Read on to see the conditions that can make this happen.

Real-time Operational Analytics in SQL Server 2016 - Part 1 08/22/2016

Arshad Ali takes a look at traditional analytics architecture, the challenges it faces, and how the newly introduced Real-time Operational Analytics feature overcomes those challenges.

DB2 Data Warehouse Capacity Planning 08/15/2016

Early data warehouse implementations began as collections of financial and customer data that accumulated over time. Modern warehouses have evolved into complex and elegant enterprise analytics platforms, hosting a broad collection of multiple data types, queried by advanced business intelligence software. As the warehouse environment becomes more valuable, capacity planning becomes critical. In this article we present several strategies for managing data warehouse capacity planning and performance tuning.

Index Sanity in Oracle 08/11/2016

Careful testing and planning are crucial when deciding if an index is truly ‘unused’.  Read on to see what could happen if testing isn’t thorough.

Querying Multiple MySQL Tables 08/08/2016

It’s been said that one of the drawbacks to normalization to the third form (3NF) is more cumbersome data extraction due to the greater number of tables.  These require careful linking via JOIN clauses.  Improper table joining can easily result in erroneous results or even in the dreaded Cartesian Product. In today’s article, we’ll explore how table joins are achieved in MySQL.

Introduction to SQL Server Stretch Database 08/04/2016

In many cases Azure SQL Database offers an economically and functionally viable alternative to SQL Server deployments. However, there are also scenarios where we might discover that rather than serving as a replacement, it provides synergy, working side by side with your on-premises databases. One of technologies that illustrate this paradigm is Stretch Database, introduced in SQL Server 2016. We will describe its basic characteristics and review its implementation steps in this article.

Database News

Microsoft's SQL Server Database Is Heading to Linux 03/08/2016

Next year, Microsoft plans to release a version of its hybrid-cloud-friendly database software for the open-source operating system.

Oracle MySQL 5.7 Database Nears General Availability 10/19/2015

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