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Featured Database Articles

Considerations for Running a Database within a Container 10/27/2016

Today, organizations are spending a lot of time trying to simplify, align development with operations, and manage commodity or virtualized resources on-demand. This helps to reduce costs, improve efficiency and evolve solutions in a more agile fashion. Read on to learn more.

Real-time Operational Analytics in SQL Server 2016 - Part 3 10/24/2016

SQL Server 2016 introduces the Real-time Operational Analytics feature, which allows you to run both transactional/operational and analytics workloads on the same system. Read on to learn how to create a filtered, non-clustered columnstore index.

5 Advantages of Load Balancing For IT Companies 10/20/2016

As an IT company, it is crucial that you maintain uptime and monitor the performance of various processes. By making database load balancing a key element, you can ensure that your processes and websites run smoothly.

Basic DB2 Application Tuning Strategies 10/17/2016

Assume you’ve been given a directive by IT management to "tune" things. What strategies are available and how do you judge which ones are best? Considering the current economic climate, can any be implemented on a shoestring budget? Can any of these tasks be assigned to resources with basic DBA skills and still be productively accomplished?

A New Way To Pattern Match In Oracle 12c 10/13/2016

Oracle 12c offers a new way to match patterns in your data, the MATCH_RECOGNIZE function.  Read on to see the syntax and the function in action.

Top 6 MySQL DBA Mistakes 10/10/2016

To err is human, or so the saying goes. Unfortunately, in the world of IT, innocuous mistakes made early on can lead to really daunting problems down the road. In today’s article, we’ll go over a few of the most common DBA mistakes to avoid. Some of these relate specifically to MySQL, while others may be applicable to any RDBMS.

Database News

Microsoft's SQL Server Database Is Heading to Linux 03/08/2016

Next year, Microsoft plans to release a version of its hybrid-cloud-friendly database software for the open-source operating system.

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