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Featured Database Articles

Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB 07/24/2017

Azure Cosmos DB is the latest data service offering from Microsoft. Azure Cosmos DB is a super set of DocumentDB and provides a new set of capabilities. These capabilities make Azure Cosmos DB stand out from other members in the NoSQL database family.

Database as a Service: Performance Tuning 07/17/2017

Many businesses have turned to providers of database as a service (DBaaS) to manage database creation and maintenance. Delegating these resource-intensive tasks to outside experts relieves the business from hardware acquisition and installation, software selection and licensing costs, and staffing for all these functions; however, after the application is up and running, who is responsible for performance tuning, and what should be managed first?

Oracle Mutexes 07/13/2017

Mutexes differ from latches in a number of ways. Read on to see how they differ from latches, what modes they can be acquired in, and their relative efficiency compared to latches.

Navicat 12: An Overview 07/10/2017

Navicat Premium 12 is a robust solution that is geared towards DBAs who would benefit from being able to connect to multiple databases simultaneously as well as migrate data between them in a seamless and consistent way. Rob Gravelle reviews this product from the perspective of a MySQL developer who occasionally imports data from other database products.

Implementing Azure SQL Data Sync in the Azure Portal 07/06/2017

Azure SQL Data Sync, which has been lingering in the Preview mode since its introduction seven years ago, no longer requires the use of the Azure classic portal; you can finally access it by using the current Azure portal. Marcin Policht steps you through the process of implementing Azure SQL Data Sync using this interface.

How to Find Out Which Database Object Got Deleted 07/03/2017

Greg Larsen shows you how to use the Transaction ID value to identify the object_id for a deleted table.

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