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Can Automated Data Integration Set Data Scientists and Developers Free? 03/23/2017

Data integration often splits the data science community into two factions: those who automate and those who prefer manual coding. While automated tools are still sometimes viewed with suspicion by data ‘purists’ who favor SQL or other programming or scripting languages, even the most hardened coders can benefit from automated data integration systems.

Getting Started with Azure SQL Data Warehouse - Part 3 03/20/2017

Microsoft introduced Azure SQL Data Warehouse, a new enterprise-class, elastic petabyte-scale, data warehouse service that can scale according to organizational demands in just few minutes. In this article, Arshad Ali discusses the different types of tables you can create in SQL Data Warehouse, how they impact performance and the best practices around them.

Big Data DBA Support Strategies 03/16/2017

The Database Administrator (DBA) is usually a technical professional who supports one or more hardware and software platforms that provide application solutions. However, technical details such as SQL tuning, hardware and software upgrades, and database designs tend to be tactical in nature. It is essential that the DBA also maintain a strategic outlook to get ahead of potential problems. Lockwood Lyon addresses two of these strategies: knowing application breaking points and preparing for future enhancements to big data applications.

Unified Audit Trail in Oracle 12c 03/13/2017

The new Unified Audit Trail in Oracle 12c can provide advantages over the older audit trail. Read on to see how to configure it and how to test the policy.

Integrating DACPAC deployments of Azure SQL Database with Visual Studio Team Services 03/09/2017

One of the concepts that has recently been growing rapidly in popularity, in the context of cloud technologies, is DevOps. Derived from the combination of two terms - Development and Operations, it represents a new approach to building synergy between these two seemingly conflicting types of activities. In this article, we will focus on using DevOps principles in regard to Azure SQL Database deployments. To implement some of the more common DevOps practices, we will rely on Visual Studio Team Services.

Querying the WordPress Database 03/06/2017

You can easily work with WordPress without ever seeing the database, but should your site grow to a certain level of complexity, you will almost certainly have to get in there. In fact, if you’re especially knowledgeable about MySQL and SQL, you can gain some noticeable performance benefits from crafting SQL statements yourself. To that end, today’s article will give a brief overview of the WordPress database schema and how to execute queries against it.

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