Contained Database Authentication in SQL Server 2012


It is not an uncommon requirement to move your database from one SQL Server instance to another instance, either for migration or for setting up a failover scenario. But the problem is, a database relies on some of the data that resides outside the database and hence you have more overhead than just moving your database to a new instance; it means you also need to move/restore data that resides outside of the database (for example logins, etc.) to another instance along with your database. This does not sound very difficult but I must say it’s very tedious and any miss to move even a single object (stored outside the database) to your new instance can prevent your application from running as expected.

Configuring instance for contained database authentication with script

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Arshad Ali
Arshad Ali
Arshad Ali works with Microsoft India R&D Pvt Ltd. He has 8+ years of experience, mostly on Microsoft Technologies. Most recently, as a SQL Developer and BI Developer he has been working on a Data Warehousing project. Arshad is an MCSD, MCITP: Business Intelligence, MCITP: Database Developer 2008 and MCITP: Database Administrator 2008 certified and has presented at several technical events including SQL-School. On an educational front, he has an MCA (Master in Computer Applications) and MBA-IT. Disclaimer : I work for Microsoft and help people and businesses make better use of technology to realize their full potential. The opinions mentioned herein are solely mine and do not reflect those of my current employer or previous employers.

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