Disabling or Enabling All Constraints of a Table or Database

These procedures are very important to use when you need to load a bulk of data that you know is correct but when you do not need the foreign keys and check constraints to interfere while you are loading the data. This is also the case when you want to change key values and don’t want the constraints to get in your way. The following procedure will disable/enable all constraints for a given parametric table.

— PROCEDURE to disable/enable all constraints on a table

CREATE PROCEDURE sp_ConstraintState 

              @TblName   VARCHAR(128),

           @State BIT = 1



IF @State = 0


             SET @SQLState = 'ALTER TABLE '+ @TblName + ' NOCHECK CONSTRAINT ALL'




                    SET @SQLState = 'ALTER TABLE ' + @TblName + ' CHECK CONSTRAINT ALL'


EXEC (@SQLState)


— For example: exec sp_ConstraintState  'products',0 

will disable all constraints on the products table in northwind

— PROCEDURE to disable/enable all constraints in an entire databse (using sp_constraintState)

 Create proc sp_disable_all_const_in_db 


  'exec sp_MsForEachTable 'sp_ConstraintState ''?'',0


to disbale all constraints in the database 

EXEC sp_disable_all_const_in_db


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Eli Leiba

Eli Leiba
Eli Leiba
Eli works at Israel Electric Company as a Senior Application DBA in Oracle and MS SQL Server. He also has certifications from Microsoft and BrainBench in Oracle and SQL Server database administration and implementation. Mr. Leiba holds a B.S. in Computer Science since 1991 and has 11 years experience working in the database field. Additionally, Mr. Leiba teaches SQL Server DBA and Development courses at Microsoft CTEC and also serves as a senior database consultant for several Israeli start-up companies.

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