MySQL-Front 2.1 Now Available

Version 2.1 of MySQL-Front is now available from developer Ansgar Becker. MySQL-Front is a free, powerful and easy-to-use Win32-Interface for Web-workers dealing with MySQL-Databases.

MySQL-Front allows you to:

  • Create/drop databases
  • Create/drop tables
  • Edit/add/delete fields
  • Edit/insert/delete records
  • Edit BLOBs and MEMOs with Bitmap/GIF/JPEG-Support
  • View a list of server-variables
  • View and kill other user-processes
  • Execute (large) SQL-scripts
  • View advanced table-properties, such as Type, Comment, Key_Length and so on
  • Export table-structure and data into SQL-scripts or other databases
  • Replicate databases between two hosts (“Export tables…”)
  • Save data to CSV-Files (ideal for working with MS-Excel .) or HTML-tables
  • Copy CSV-data/HTML-Tables to clipboard
  • Copy tables to new table-names
  • Manage users (new in 2.0: edit existing users)
  • Flush Host/Logs/Privileges/Tables
  • Write SQL-queries with syntax-highlighting
  • Import data from ODBC-datasources
  • Do table-diagnostics (check, optimize, repair, analyze)
  • and much more…

Version 2.1 adds three new quick-filters for Data-Tabsheet, a Find-Dialog in Query-Tabsheet, support for tabs in the Query-Editor, new standard actions in the popup menu of the query-window, and various bug fixes. A complete list of changes since v2.0 is available at

MySQL-Front 2.1 can be downloaded at:


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