SeQueLizer IDE 0.99 Beta Release

SeQueLizer IDE (SQLIDE) is a useful tool that is designed to help professional database developers throughout the entire database development cycle, from creating SQL scripts to building a database from these scripts and to performing two-way syncronization whenever either the scripts or the database are changed. SQLIDE provides developers with a complete, clean and hassle-free environment for maintaining the structure of databases in a set of well-structured, well-commented, readable and reusable SQL scripts.

To this end, SQLIDE offers a smart SQL editor, C-style macro preprocessor, SQL parser, and SQL debugger to give you the most efficient IDE for database schema development and management. Additional tools and features include a schema comparison engine for differential database updates, a schema decompiler for reverse-engineering an existing database’s schema, MS Visual SourceSafe integration, and simplified database schema updates on remote machines using versioned SQL scripts (“history files”). Another important part of SeQueLizer is a convenient text editor with SQL syntax highlighting and shortcuts for commonly used SQL statements. The SQL debugger then allows any of the preprocessed SQL statements to be previewed and executed.

Together, these tools allow developers to keep the structure of their databases in a set of well-structured and readable SQL files, conveniently modify and debug the scripts and automatically synchronize the changes with the live database. SQLIDE works with ADO-compatible databases, Microsoft SQL Server, MS Jet Engine (.MDB files) and InterBase. SeQueLizer IDE is specifically designed to deal with the DDL subset of SQL and the schema synchronization, and as a result, complements query building and analyzing tools like MS Query Analyzer rather then competes with them.

SeQueLizer IDE runs on any computer capable of running Microsoft SQL client software, including Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, and XP platforms. MS ADO support must be installed and MS SQL Server 7.0 or above must be available either locally or on a remote server. The current downloadable release is a time-limited beta version offered for review, evaluation and testing purposes only. While it doesn’t restrict any features at this time (as the released evaluation edition will do), users can still choose to register the software for $130 per unit.

For more information on SeQueLizer IDE, go to the main SQLIDE page.


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