SQLXML 3.0 Now Available

SQLXML version 3.0 is now available from Microsoft. SQLXML, also know as XML for SQL Server, extends the built-in XML capabilities of SQL Server 2000 with technology to create XML Web services from SQL Server stored procedures or server-side XML templates. SQLXML 3.0 also includes extensions to the .NET Framework that provide SQLXML programmability to the languages supported by Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, including C# and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET.

SQLXML enables developers to bridge the gap between Extensible Markup Language (XML) and relational data. You can create XML views of your existing relational data and work with it as if it were an XML file. SQLXML is your solution if you need to: Query relational data with XPath; Query relational data with Transact-SQL and return XML results; Update relational data as if it were XML; Load very large XML files into an existing SQL Server 2000 database, converting them to relational data; Query your SQL Server data by using URLs from your Web browser or Web application; Access SQL Server XML functionality with OLE DB, Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), or Microsoft .NET Managed Classes.

Changes in the new 3.0 release include an updated installer (Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0), updated support for Diffgrams, support for new features added since the release of MS Visual Studio .NET Beta 2, and support for recently released versions of the .NET Framework and SOAP Toolkit. Additionally, the features introduced in SQLXML 1.0 and SQLXML 2.0 are included in the download of SQLXML 3.0.

The 3.0 release requires SQL Server 2000 (Version 8.00.194) and MDAC 2.6 or later to be installed before the installation can be run. SQLXML 3.0 also has a dependency on MSXML version 4.0, which is included with the SQLXML download.

SQLXML 3.0 can be downloaded at:


Additional information on SQLXML can be found at:



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