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MySQL management, tutorials, scripts, coding, programming and tips for database administrators


MySQL Fuzzy Text Searching Using the SOUNDEX Function 03/09/2015

Fuzzy searching has become a very prominent feature of Web search engines like Google. You can implement fuzzy text searching within your MySQL database by using a combination of built-in and user functions. Rob Gravelle demonstrates how to use the native SOUNDEX MySQL function.

MySQL Workbench 6.2 Performance Reporting 01/12/2015

The MySQL Workbench introduced Performance Tools in version 6.1.0 and updated them further in version of 6.2. Rob Gravelle gives an overview of MySQL Workbench Performance reports.

An Overview of the MySQL Performance Schema 12/08/2014

MySQL's Performance Schema provides a way to troubleshoot a lot of common performance issues without having to rely on specialized third-party solutions.  The fact that it uses regular SQL is also a big plus! Join Rob Gravelle as he explores the Performance Schema.

Manage your MySQL Data on the Go with Navicat Cloud and iOS 11/10/2014

Gone are the days that a Database Administrator (DBA) spends his or her time between a desktop workstation and database server(s). Today, DBAs require tools that will allow them to perform administrative tasks wherever they may be and lately, the trend has been towards applications specifically targeted to mobile devices, since that is what people always have with them.

MySQL Goes Mobile: A Roundup of Popular MySQL Mobile Apps for iOS 10/09/2014

Being one of the most popular databases on the planet, MySQL administration has been made a whole lot easier thanks to a number of new mobile apps. Rob Gravelle picks out some of the more promising new products for iOS.

MySQL Date Gotchas 09/08/2014

Rob Gravelle explores the perils of working with dates in MySQL.

MySQL Numeric Overflow Gotcha 08/11/2014

Rob Gravelle highlights a gotcha related to MySQL's overflow handling of numeric values that are outside the permissible range of the column data type.

Importing Into MySQL from Other Databases 07/14/2014

Importing into MySQL from databases of different types is challenging because vendors have their own proprietary tools and SQL extensions. Rob Gravelle presents some software products that can abstract each vendor's particular language so that data may be transferred between them in a seamless process.

Importing XML, CSV, Text, and MS Excel Files into MySQL 05/12/2014

For MySQL administrators who would rather not write and maintain their own import code, there are tools that can markedly simplify the importing of data from various sources. Rob Gravelle demonstrates how to use the Navicat Database Admin Tool to acquire data from XML, .csv, .txt, and Excel files.

Enhance Your MySQL XML Import Procedures using Prepared Statements 04/14/2014

In the Importing XML Data into MySQL Tables Using a Stored Procedure article, Rob Gravelle outlined some ways to work around MySQL's restrictions on stored procedures to import XML data into your MySQL database tables. Today's article covers how to use a Prepared Statement, including error handling and validation, as well as handling additional XML formats.

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