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Optimize MySQL Inserts Using Batch Processing 12/20/2018

It's become a challenge to whittle down the speed of database transactions to the real-time requirements of modern applications. Rob Gravelle presents suggestions for achieving better INSERT speeds.

Introduction to Azure SQL Database Hyperscale 12/10/2018

Since its inception, Azure SQL Database offering has been evolving in order to accommodate a wide range of needs of its customers. This has resulted in two separate deployment models and pricing models, each with distinct tiers of service, representing unique performance and functionality characteristics. Azure SQL Database Hyperscale is the latest manifestation of this trend, targeting scenarios where the storage requirements exceed the current database size limit of 4 TB. In this article, you will learn about its architecture and primary benefits.

A Guide to MySQL Prepared Statements and Parameterized Queries 11/05/2018

A prepared statement, or parameterized query, is used to execute the same statement repeatedly in an extremely efficient manner. In today's article, Rob Gravelle demonstrates how to use prepared statements within a stored procedure as well as using a programming language.

Managing Users and Roles in Oracle's MySQL Cloud 10/11/2018

Rob Gravelle shows you how to create and manage user accounts in Oracle's MySQL Cloud Service.

Exploring Oracle's MySQL Cloud Service 09/10/2018

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service is a MySQL database service that provides an enterprise ready MySQL cloud service. To better help you evaluate Oracle MySQL Cloud Service, Rob Gravelle gives you a rundown on how to get up and running with the free account option.

The Best (and Worst) Cloud Services for MySQL 08/09/2018

Each and every day, new cloud-based database providers are cropping up to meet the demands of Big Data. Companies both large and small love database as a service (DBaaS) because it frees them from having to dedicate their own infrastructure towards data storage, while providing the ability to scale their databases (DBs) into ever-increasing capacities - all with minimal hassle. This slideshow focuses on services that cater - at least in part - to MySQL users.

Displaying Leading and Trailing Whitespace on Varchar Columns in MySQL 07/09/2018

It's fairly trivial to enclose varchar data within quotes using the CONCAT() function as long as you know which fields you want to enclose in quotes. Coming up with a more generic solution takes a little more doing. In this tutorial, Rob Gravelle describes two approaches, one employing a user function, the other, using a stored procedure.

Top Reporting Tools for MySQL in 2018 06/11/2018

Rob Gravelle presents some of the Top Reporting Tools for MySQL for your viewing pleasure.

Monitor Your MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Servers with Navicat Monitor 05/10/2018

The latest player to enter the database monitoring arena is Navicat. Rob Gravelle provides one of the first looks at Navicat Monitor's many features and describes how to configure it, with an emphasis on Windows 10.

Web-based Database Management 04/12/2018

Web-based database admin consoles have been somewhat limited, with the vast majority of tools aimed at specific database types, including phpMyAdmin (MySQL), Microsoft SQL Web Data Administrator (SQL Server), and various cloud services proprietary web consoles. Rob Gravelle takes a look at one web based-database tool named DBHawk.

RDBMS Management on macOS 03/05/2018

While most DBMS apps focus on a specific database product, a few have gone the extra mile in supporting numerous database platforms. Rob Gravelle explores a recent addition named TablePlus. It supports a whole set of relational databases including PostgreSQL, MySQL, RedShift, SQL Server, and others.

Best New Features of MySQL 8 02/08/2018

Even though there is no official software release to download and use yet, the list of features for MySQL 8.0 was officially announced. Rob Gravelle talks about it and shares some of the exciting enhancements it contains.

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