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Polling and Survey Data Transparency 07/01/2019

Polls and surveys are increasing in use. If you are a DBA, developer, or data scientist, then it is good to understand how to structure your systems for transparency and proper use.

Ten SQL Commands You Should Be Using 06/03/2019

Most developers, regardless of their skill level would know the commands for the basic CRUD (Create, Read , Update, Delete) operations in SQL These include the Create, Update, Insert, and Delete commands. From this article you will be presented with ten other SQL commands that you really should be using, that you might not be as familiar with. Read on...

Database Development in an Open Source World 05/30/2019

Open source database tools are found in many categories, including engine, modeling, script management, metadata, interactive query, semantic layer development, governance and more. Data development in a pure open source environment is possible.

MySQL 8 Security Tips 04/29/2019

If data security is not a top priority at your organization, it's time to make it one. It's up to you to protect both your customers' sensitive data and your reputation.  Learn some tips and tricks for securing your MySQL or MariaDB databases!

Top 10 Database Diagram Tools for MySQL 04/02/2019

Designing the database schema is one of the very first and most important steps in building a new database. Here is a list of 10 free and commercial tools that you can use to design your MySQL databases.

Creating CRUD Stored Procedures in SQL 03/13/2019

Back to the basics: learn how to Create, Read, Update and Delete operations are pivotal for any database application. Plus, you’ll see how to use Stored Procedures to manipulate data on the database side instead of on the application side.

Working with AUTO_INCREMENT Columns in MySQL 02/25/2019

Learn how to use AUTO_INCREMENT columns in MySQL, as well as explore a few unusual use cases.

Top 10 Databases for 2019 01/31/2019

A look at ten top databases fighting for mind-share in 2019.

Generate Dynamic MySQL Multi-row INSERT Statements 01/21/2019

Discover how to generate a multiple-row insert statement dynamically using the programming language of your choice.

Optimize MySQL Inserts Using Batch Processing 12/20/2018

It's become a challenge to whittle down the speed of database transactions to the real-time requirements of modern applications. Rob Gravelle presents suggestions for achieving better INSERT speeds.

Introduction to Azure SQL Database Hyperscale 12/10/2018

Since its inception, Azure SQL Database offering has been evolving in order to accommodate a wide range of needs of its customers. This has resulted in two separate deployment models and pricing models, each with distinct tiers of service, representing unique performance and functionality characteristics. Azure SQL Database Hyperscale is the latest manifestation of this trend, targeting scenarios where the storage requirements exceed the current database size limit of 4 TB. In this article, you will learn about its architecture and primary benefits.

A Guide to MySQL Prepared Statements and Parameterized Queries 11/05/2018

A prepared statement, or parameterized query, is used to execute the same statement repeatedly in an extremely efficient manner. In today's article, Rob Gravelle demonstrates how to use prepared statements within a stored procedure as well as using a programming language.

Managing Users and Roles in Oracle's MySQL Cloud 10/11/2018

Rob Gravelle shows you how to create and manage user accounts in Oracle's MySQL Cloud Service.

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